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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am soooo out of shape. My body aches. This all started Sunday when I took lots and lots of pictures for the Hooker for her senior portraits. All of the bending, squatting, and angling around bushes really got my legs and back sore. In my defense, I have a hip problem which hurts my lower back alot, so that was normal. The legs, however, purely from being fat and lazy.
So, as if that wasn't enough, I bought landscaping bricks and started the addition of flower beds in my yard and planted and potted some flowers and vegetables. I love spring. I planted tomatoes in a big pot (I hope they will make it in the pot and I don't have to put them in the ground (I hate digging). I also put some okra, a cantaloupe (that was an accident), and squash in various large pots.
I also bought some wave petunias and beautiful white lillies and planted them (in the ground....uugghh) in my new flower bed. It looks great. No pictures yet. I was filthy dirty and went in and took a shower and didn't feel like going back outside. I was going to get a picture this morning, but the sun wasn't quite up yet. Oh, yeah, and I potted some cute miniature roses for my outside table. Very cute pots in a mix and match Fiesta ware theme.
After all of the yard work (and before I took a shower) Layla and I went for a nice little walk. She LOVES to be walked on her leash. She prances around like she is in a show ring or something. She's quite the princess.
LittleMan is doing great! I took some cute pictures on Sunday when we went to the gardens with the Hooker for some senior pics. You can see them here.
LittleMan's birthday is coming up on the 22nd. We're going with a friend of mine and her little boy (LM's friend, Hunter) to the zoo. It's also Earth Day at the zoo, so they have some activities planned as well. Fun stuff I hope.
His party will be on the 29th. The place I want to rent was called 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard back from them yet. They always do this and it is soooo annoying! I might call the head guy at home. We're having a Western themed party. I need to get my crap together and get everything ready. For his first birthday, I planned months in advance. This year, I'll be doing good to have everything done by the day of the party.
This weekend is Easter and I'm so excited! I don't have an Easter dress yet (and probably won't buy one). I do have all of the Easter Bunny stuff bought and ready to go though. I make a basket for LittleMan, LuckyHusband, and Scuba Steve every year, so it takes planning. There is an Easter egg hunt in town on Saturday morning and one Saturday afternoon at my aunt's house. So, he'll be hooked up for Easter.
I hope everybody has a great Easter!

Melissa @ 4:02 PM | comment

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. Mainly because I've been spending a lot of time knitting, so the knitting blog has been getting a little bit more attention lately.

Today would have been my great-grandmother's 98th birthday. She died in 2002, at the age of 94. She honestly was still getting around great and then all of a sudden got sick on a Monday, went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with cancer, and died the next morning. It was definitely the way she would have wanted to go.

I have so many funny memories of her. When I was a freshman in college, she fell and broke her hip and ended up in the hospital for a few months in the town where I was in college. I teased her that she couldn't stand it that I wasn't right where she could keep up with me and that's why she ended up there. But, anyway, every afternoon around 6 pm, I would drive over to the hospital and keep her company while she ate supper and we watched the news and Wheel of Fortune.

Another time I remember was when I was around 17 or 18. My aunt who usually did all of the medical stuff for her was on vacation and my great-grandmother had went into the garden and picked up a 40 pound watermelon that she had grown, and broke something in her back. She refused to go to the doctor for a couple of days and I finally convinced her. When I arrived at her house to take her to her appointment, she had her very worn brown leather bag in her hand. This was the hospital bag. If you picked her up and it was with her, she knew she was in bad shape, but wasn't about to tell you. In it was always a gown, a housecoat, slippers, and a bag of Hershey's kisses. The doctor's office was 1 hour away (she refused to go to anyone but him...I thought he was a quack). So, we made the drive and sure enough, she was admitted to the hospital. So, I was faced at what was fairly a naive age with DNR paperwork, etc. I was scared to death at that point. But, she pulled through and the trip earned me a distinct honor (I say that with sarcasm). She deemed that my driving was good enough (those who know me are laughing hysterically at this point) to be her new chauffeur. So, from then on, I was her ride back and forth to church. That was the only place she ever left the house for.

At the age of 92, she went to Wal Mart for the very first time ever. She was amazed. The garden center amazed her and the fact that they had a vision center, well that did it. She told me to make her an appointment and bring her back the next week for some new glasses. My mouth was already hung open from the mere fact that she had wanted to go to Wal Mart, but to actually want to come back? I was floored! You see, her husband did all of the grocery shopping and the Wal Mart shopping. When he died in 1988, her grandchildren (my dad and his brothers and sisters) started doing her errands. When I got my driver's license, I was added to the list of sometimes-willing helpers. So, she had never been to a grocery store or Wal Mart until she was 92.

I could tell tons more stories that would have you rolling about her quirky behavior and about strange customs which came from being 1/2 American Indian and 1/2 Caucasian in a time where that wasn't overly accepted, but I would bore you to tears. Anyway.....

Happy Birthday Sangie.

Melissa @ 10:09 AM | comment

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hi! Thought I might update, it's been awhile.
We got a new puppy, Layla, a mini pin. She's really tiny, just a little over 2 pounds, and tons of trouble. We love her lots, but the housebreaking is going terribly. When we're not home, she's in the guest bathroom where she does pretty good with the puppy pads, but when we let her out when we're home, she does terribly. She goes everywhere BUT the pads we have out for her in the kitchen. If anyone has any advice, please help. I really want to get her to that good housedog stage that I see other people's dogs at. Right now if I can't be totally watching her, I put her up. So, when I get dressed, take a bath, cook supper, she has to be put up. I need help you guys!
We had a baby shower for LuckyHusband's sister today. It went well and she got lots of great gifts. I knitted her a really cute baby fisherman style hat which she loved. In return for hosting the shower I got an awesome purple cala lilly (not sure if that's how to spell it) which I will probably take to work and for my upcoming birthday, I got a gift certificate to one of my favorite places, Bath Junkie. I can't wait to spend it.
I have Layla pics on my knitting blog. I'm at home and the dial up is too slow to repost, so go over there and check them out from last weeks post.
Hope you all are well! :)

Melissa @ 6:13 PM | comment

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Well, I made it. I am now totally gall-bladderless and although I feel like my stomach was run over by a Mack truck (or Peterbuilt, whichever you prefer), I am glad it's over. The night before the surgery, I totally started to freak out. I thought about all the "what ifs". What if I don't wake up......what if I'm permanently disabled.....what if my hair looks really bad when visitors come by. Just joking on the last one. The morning of the surgery I had reduced myself to tears worrying (which is very much unlike me) and then the Angel of Mercy came in. My nurse shot me up with a "relaxing" shot which made me not care about anything. It was wonderful!
Supposedly, the surgery went well. It took about 30 minutes. Recovery took a bit longer because I couldn't wake up and when I did I was instantly nauseated and received another wonderful shot for that which put me right back out. I remember when the anesthesiologist (I'm sure that's not spelled right) gave me my sleepy-time shot that it hurt like hell, I remember gagging after waking up and beggin for ice or water. Other than that, I remember nothing.
The sweetest co-worker in the world, Jamie came by bearing gifts. A basket with some yarn (yippee) and knititng needles. What more could a girl want. Jamie, I know you are reading this and you are the best. As soon as I get all these baby gifts knitting (and of course my socks) I am soooo knitting you up an awesome gift. I have it all picked out and I'm ordering the yarn today!
My LittleMan bought me some sock patterns and a knitting needle case and his NayNay brought him home yesterday afternoon. He came and rubbed my face and say "I wuv you mommy" and of course I cried like a baby. How in the world did I ever end up with a child this sweet? Periodically throughout the afternoon, he would come and rub my face and give me a hug and kiss. Poor kid, he knows something's wrong, but really doesn't understand. He also made me a picture. He's not going to be an artist when he grows up....
A lady from my church brought over a casserole and a cake along with a little gift basket of lavender shower gel and lotion and candles. Yummy! I thought that was so sweet. I have the nicest church family ever! And my super awesome mom cooked LuckyHusband and LittleMan supper, cleaned out my fridge (for which she deserves a nice knitted gift as well), and cleaned my stove (bigger job than it sounds).
I've been up since 4:30 this morning and now it's 7:00 and my 6:00 pain pill is kicking in. I think I should go now and rest before the guys wake up.
Have a good week!

Melissa @ 7:09 AM | comment

Monday, February 27, 2006

Life in General
Well, the wedding went off really well. We had a blast! The rehersal was fun. LittleMan got attacked by the flower girl. She literally laid on top of him! She's a cutie, but a little overzealous.
LittleMan walked down the aisle really well, but when he got to the end, he turned around, saw his papaw and yelled "Hey Papaw!!". Other than that, he did well. I'm going to add pics to the photoblog later today.
Our family is full of nuts though and all it takes is a special occasion to get them all in full form. From the boozed up uncle to the cousins trying to one-up each other in any category that comes up in conversation, they honestly make quite a showing!
We are taking a little family trip this weekend and I'm so excited. I think I'm one of the rare people who actually enjoys being around my family. I actually prefer being around them as opposed to other groups of people. I think it's because you can be yourself and no one cares. Anyway, we are going to a lodge at one of the Louisiana State Parks and we're just going to hang out. There should be 13 or 14 of us going at last count. (The cousins who try to one-up each other aren't invited!) It should be fun.
Okay, I must admit, I became hooked on Dancing with the Stars. I was kinda late in the game. I started watching the week Tia whats-her-name was kicked off, but I've really enjoyed this show! My jaw hit the floor last night when Stacy Keibler (I'm sure I misspelled her name) was kicked off. I mean, come on!! Not only was she a kick-ass dancer, but have you looked at her??? She's hot!! If I could have a body transplant, I would want hers! Her legs must be 6 feet long by themselves! And honestly, can anyone really say that they think Jerry Rice is better than her? I mean, sure, it was admirable how much he wanted to win, and he really improved, but she was still better!
Also, Grey's Anatomy keeps getting better and better. When Desperate Housewives started really getting stupid, I think they totally picked up the slack! I love this show. I sooo want Meredith and Dr. McDreamy to get together, but I must admit that I'm starting to like Addison also. And where did Mark go? I wanted him to stay at least so we could look at him for a while. And George has to be the most adorable person ever. He's too precious. I hope the doctor last night can be a new love interest for him. He needs a good woman.
Well, I've bored you enough for now. Have a good week!

Melissa @ 9:25 AM | comment

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sorry so long since an update. I really don't have alot to report. I've been pretty boring lately.
Right now I'm working at home because I came close to having pneumonia when I finally went to the doctor Monday. I hadn't been sick but for a couple of days, but apparently that stuff gets bad quickly. Anyway, so that I don't catch anything else and end up in the hospital, I get to work here in my cozy home for a few days. Yippee!
It has advantages and disadvantages I guess. Working in pajamas...advantage. Having LittleMan underneath me all day....advantage and disadvantage depending on how you look at it. I've enjoyed being around him more this week, but he is rather distracting and LuckyHusband seems to forget that he's in charge of the kid and I'm working.
The only other thing I've been doing is knitting. I swear I'm soooo addicted to this! You should all try it, it's super easy and super addictive. I finished my first sock and I've started on the mate. I've tried to keep my knitting to a minimum on this blog, so I started a knitting blog for that stuff. I don't have pics of the finished sock yet since I haven't been to work lately, but maybe tomorrow I can fix that.
LittleMan is in a wedding this Saturday, so I should have some good pics from there after Saturday. :)
Hope you are all having a better week than I am!

Melissa @ 7:46 AM | comment

Monday, February 06, 2006

Do you ever sit down to write a blog entry knowing that you had ideas the day before or a few hours ago, only to have them disappear as soon as you sit down to type?

Hmmm....so what have I done lately???? Well, I went Saturday morning to get my hair cut. That's always a relaxing experience. LittleMan stayed at home with LuckyHusband so I got to go to town all by myself!

Then I went to a little local shop that has such cute kid's stuff! They have cute wooden painted toyboxes, tables and chairs, stools, and other cute little stuff. I got LittleMan the cutest little stool so that he can pull it up to the counter and be able to see Simon better. I also got Hooker a really cute Valentine from LittleMan.

Then, Saturday afternoon, the owner of the shop contacted me about getting some pictures of her kids done. So, since I picked out some really cute birthday party stuff I'm hoping we can trade goods. :)

Anyway, Saturday night consisted of fun with the in-laws who I swear can offend LuckyHusband quicker than any people I know and they are his family! They never include him(us) in any family gatherings, but complain about how we never come and see them. DING, DING, DING!!!! Invite us! I swear that even when we don't feel like leaving the house, we will go to one of their gatherings that we get a last-minute invite too (and yet everyone else knew for a week) just because we never get invited and don't want to be rude and turn down the one invite that we actually get. I swear that I don't understand these people!

Sunday (yesterday) we started revival at our church and had an excellent morning service, but it lasted 2 1/2 hours which makes me reluctant to go back. If it was just me, I would, but with LittleMan, 7-9 pm is kind of a bad time for him to be sitting still. So, I don't know. I want to go, but I'm not sure if I can.

I am putting some pics of Hooker's brother and fiancee that I took on the photo blog. Enjoy!


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